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Our hillside – our gardensInsights

A 5-minute climb takes you to our organic gardens – our great passion. Along the loveliest southern slope everything thrives beautifully.

For our guests, we have set up comfortable seating and lounging areas – for relaxing and meditating, enjoying the aromas and scents, and nibbling the berries.

We sometimes also reach deeper into the “treasure chest of nature” and invite you, dear holiday guests, to create many pleasant things together with us.

In the spring, we cut the vines, which gives us the vineyard water (the vine tears).

In July, we prepare the St. John’s Wort Oil.

In July, August, and September, we make the “Vinegar of the 4 Thieves” (Mediterranean herbs are not only good for cooking)!

In the fall, it is time for the “Basic Soup“.

Various herbs, mint, and lemon balm are collected for refreshing drinks.

We also think of the bees and insects and do not harvest everything before flowering – For their sake, we allow many flowers to bloom.

I must have flowers,
always and always.

Claude Monet

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